A Day of Giving: Fernandes & Charest Staff Volunteer at the Lloyd Center

The Lloyd Center for the Environment recently hosted a productive volunteer workday, featuring staff from Fernandes & Charest in Westport, MA. This incredible team spent hours cleaning up the grounds at the Lloyd Center, contributing to the Center’s mission of promoting environmental stewardship.

Volunteer workdays are an integral part of the Lloyd Center’s operations, providing essential support for maintaining and enhancing the Center’s facilities and natural habitats. These events offer community members and local businesses an opportunity to engage with nature, foster a sense of community, and directly contribute to the Lloyd Center.

Staff from Fernandes & Charest arrived at the Lloyd Center ready to work. Armed with gloves, tools, and a positive attitude, they tackled various tasks throughout the day.

Their efforts made a significant impact on the Lloyd Center grounds. By dedicating their time and energy, these volunteers helped preserve the natural beauty of the area as well as support the Center’s ongoing educational and research initiatives.

The volunteer workday also provided an excellent opportunity for team building. The staff of Fernandes & Charest got to work together outside the office, building camaraderie while contributing to a meaningful cause. Their experience at the Lloyd Center exemplifies how corporate volunteer programs can benefit both the environment and the participants.

The Lloyd Center extends its heartfelt gratitude to the staff of Fernandes & Charest for their outstanding volunteer efforts! Community involvement is crucial to the success of the Lloyd Center’s mission, and events like this highlight the power of collective action in promoting environmental stewardship. We encourage other local businesses and community members to join us in our ongoing efforts to protect and preserve our natural world.

Join us at the Lloyd Center for the Environment and make a difference! Whether through volunteering, attending our events, or supporting our programs, your involvement helps us continue our vital work.