Art Drive Studio Tour donates to Lloyd Center

The Chronicle

DARTMOUTH / WESTPORT – Dartmouth and Westport artists that teamed up last summer to start a new open studio weekend donated $3,000 to the Lloyd Center.

The monies will be used to fund a class of 25 fifth-graders in a year-long Turn-The-Tide education program; and for The Art Drive landing on the planned Memorial Path-Stairway.

Made up of 24 of the area’s premiere painters, ceramic artists, photographers, jewelers and others, the ART drive uniquely put emphasis on a consistent and high level of professionalism and quality in some very unusual and dramatic studio settings spotted among the area’s villages, farm lands and seacoast.

With only 15 miles separating the most distant studios, visitors were able to enjoy a casual drive through this picturesque area with ample time for a picnic lunch or to dine at area restaurants.

Organized by Dartmouth residents Beverly Carter, Sandra Hall and Deborah Quinn-Munson, The Art Drive attracted hundreds of visitors from Boston to Providence to the area for the two-day August event. A special bonus was that weekend was the Massachusetts sales-tax holiday.

“We are most grateful to the Lloyd Center and staff for assisting us in promoting the event to its members and others,” said Beverly Carter.

Next year’s event is already in the planning process. Information on the artists, locations and a map will be listed again on and in Lloyd Center communications.