Come Check Out the Lloyd Center’s Newly-Built Bird Blind!

Thanks to the hard work of Dharma Voyage volunteers Robert Bernert and Ray Hunt, the Lloyd Center has a beautiful, sturdy, newly-built bird blind. A valuable teaching spot on our trails, the original bird blind had seen its day and was desperately in need of being replaced.

From producing a sketch, supplying materials, and building the structure, Dharma Voyage volunteers took full control of the project from beginning to end, and we can’t thank them enough.

For those that haven’t visited the bird blind, it can be found by the kettle hole near the Teaching Pavilion, a perfect stop on your hike of the Center’s trails. You can get to the blind by three of the Center’s Trails: the Hardscrabble Farm Loop Trail, the Old Cart Path, and the Chaypee Woods Trail.

In addition to community visitors, the bird blind is used by many school groups who visit the Center on field trips. Most particularly, the bird blind is a must stop for third-grade Feathery Focus groups. The Feathery Focus Program uses birds as a vehicle to demonstrate the value of science as a means to understand the amazing world around us. Following the completion of in-class lessons held throughout the school year, students travel to the Lloyd Center where they are able to see the environment through the eyes of a bird, developing a deep appreciation for feathered friends.

Volunteers from Dharma Voyage reconstructed our old bird blind as part of our mutually beneficial relationship. Dharma rowers use the Lloyd Center’s waterfront access, and in exchange, each year they organize a volunteer project identified as a high need for the Center. This is a win-win for both organizations!

Commenting on their relationship with the Lloyd Center, Ben Booth, Dharma Voyage founder stated, “The Lloyd Center has opened up new horizons for Dharma Voyage’s youth and adult rowers, and we are honored to be part of the Center’s efforts to allow people of all ages to experience the amazing coastal environment of our home.”

For your next hike, come by and take a peek through the bird blind’s viewing ports. You’ll love the view of the kettle hole with the undisturbed habitat.

Congratulations to Dharma Voyage’s Next Level Rowing team in their accomplishments competing in the World Championships Racing! The team did amazing, earning five medals in the sprint event (gold, bronze and three silver) and two in the endurance format (gold and silver) plus top 10 finishes in every boat category! Well done!!