Dharma Voyage Holds Next Level Rowing Camp at the Lloyd Center

From June 2nd through June 4th, Next Level Rowing held a training camp at the Lloyd Center to prepare its high-performance coastal rowing team for the US Beach Sprint National Team trials. The Beach Sprints are a dynamic racing format where the rowers start on the beach, run a 50 meter sprint to their boat, jump into the boat, and launch off the beach. Once in the boat, they race through a slalom course for 250 meters out, do a 180 degree turn at the last buoy, then take a straight- line sprint back to the beach, trying to surf waves for additional speed. Once at the beach, the rower leaps out of the boat to sprint up the beach to the finish line. All racing is done in a head-to-head format, with the loser being knocked out of the competition and the winner progressing until all others have been knocked out. 

Next Level Rowing athletes come from across the country, and includes the defending World Champion and numerous international medal winners. Co-founder and coach Ben Booth is local to Dartmouth. “Training at the Lloyd Center was instrumental to a successful training camp and preparation for the US trials. The Lloyd Center’s location is perfect. With its proximity to the coast, the team could quickly access the beach for environmentally specific training. The support of the Lloyd Center vastly reduced the coach’s logistic hurdles, which allowed them to focus on the team needs. Perhaps most importantly, the beautiful forest and quiet waterfront allowed the team to be in tune with the environment, free from distraction, and totally immersed in their outdoor sport. Access to the building for lunch allowed the team to stay on site and in the training flow for the entire day-long training periods.”

The result – a clean sweep of the US trials! Next Level Rowing won every event in every category, in both the elite and the junior divisions! That qualifies the team to represent the USA in Italy this fall at the Beach Sprint championships. They will be back for more training this summer!

To learn more about the Lloyd Center’s partnership with Dharma Voyage, click here.