Downy Woodpecker

downy-woodpeckerThe Downy Woodpecker (Picoides pubescens) is the smallest woodpecker in North American and is distributed across much of the continent, where the species adapts to a variety of habitats. The small size, white back, and stubby bill distinguish the species.

The male Downy posses a red “occipital” patch on the nape. Here in the northeast, any patch of woodland ranging from the open forest to backyard woodlots may contain a pair of these cavity nesters. The Downy is often heard “drumming” on trees to advertize its territory, and may be seen pecking away at the surface of a home, old shed, utility pole, or other residential wooden structure. The species is a frequent visitor to backyard feeders during winter, especially suet.

This one divides its time between the Lloyd Center’s feeders, and the nearby facility, where workers may here the drum on a quiet fall or winter day.