Eastern Newt

Summer is in full swing, which means wetlands are teeming with life! July’s Creature Feature is the Eastern Newt, an amphibian that lives within the deciduous and coniferous forests and thrives in the freshwater ponds and marshes as an adult.

The Eastern Newt is unique compared to other amphibians where they go through four life stages rather than three: egg, larvae, eft, and the adult. The eft stage occurs in the first three years of their existence and is particularly interesting. When they are in this “immature” stage they are primarily living on the terrain whereas, when they reach the adult stage, they return to their aquatic habitat.

So come on by the Lloyd Center for the Environment and cool yourself off in the air conditioning as you admire our slick Eastern Newt, then head on down to the causeway to dip your feet in the cool estuary water!