The Lloyd Center Observation Deck


A real highlight of the Lloyd Center. The spot was named one of 15 "special places" in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. From the observation deck, you can view Demarest Lloyd State Park across the Slocums River, Cuttyhunk Island (and the rest of the Elizabeth Islands), and on a clear day - Martha's Vineyard. In the winter, the Lloyd Center observation deck offers a decent view of harbor seals basking in the sun. Spring is a fantastic time to view migrating birds. The observation deck offers a tremendous view of birds in flight and in the surrounding trees.

The Undersea World of Buzzards Bay


Visitors are welcome to visit the Lloyd Center's aquaria room, where they may view local sea creatures in numerous saltwater aquaria and handle them in our touch tank. As visitors descend down the stairs to the aquaria, they get the impression that they are descending into and under the water. Murals painted on the walls of the staircase depict a local coastal scene and life beneath the sea.

The touch tank, with its many crabs and sea stars, attracts visitors young and old. Through hands-on learning, children and adults discover the wonders of the ocean. Aquaria represent different coastal habitats and species. Local fish, shellfish, and other invertebrates provide visitors with a close-up view of the animals native to southeastern New England.

Permanent exhibits


In addition to the salt water aquaria and touch tank, the Lloyd Center has many other permanent exhibits. Marine mammal skeletons hang from the ceiling that are representative of species found in the waters of New England. Pilot whale, Harbor seal, Atlantic White-Sided dolphin, Harbor porpoise, and Leatherback turtle skeletons are located on the first floor.

Freshwater aquaria with fish, turtles, amphibians, and reptiles are located on the two lower floors. These tanks include indigenous species of New England. Cases with butterflies and dragonflies highlight some of the research projects that the Center conducts. Rotating exhibits showcase local areas and current events in the Buzzards Bay region.