Fun and Educational Activities for Children in Southeastern Massachusetts

Forest FrenzyLearning about all of the creatures that call the forest home can naturally lead children to become interested in conservation. People of all ages need to understand and appreciate our local natural resources and become concerned about conserving them for future generations. Through fun and exciting summer programs for kids, children can be encouraged to explore and protect the forests and woods of New England as they grow into adults.

Conservation education helps children to develop all of the skills that they will need to understand the complex relationship that we have with our local forests. It will also encourage them to find new ways to conserve natural resources and be more responsible about their effect on the local ecosystem. Studies prove that early education aids in fostering a lifelong appreciation for nature.

Animals Help to Personalize the Experience
Children of all ages love animals. Educational activities for kids that include animals help to “personalize” and add a face or a voice to the experience for children. Through identification of the mammals, birds and reptiles of our local forests, a foundation of knowledge is built. Once the animals are identified, more information is given about their habitat, the things that they need to survive and the outside influences that threaten their very existence.

Education through exploration of animal footprints, feathers, nests, markings and other things they leave behind can help encourage children to want to learn more about these creatures. Nature programs at the Lloyd Center in Dartmouth are designed to not only teach kids about animals that live in the wild, but to share with them real information about wildlife that lives right here in the woodlands and forests in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Outdoor adventures that bring kids from the city to the woods can be a great hands-on learning experience that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Summer programs for kids that focus not just on fun, but also on education, can be more stimulating and memorable for your child than any other type of activity. Most children are genuinely interested in learning about animals, so getting them to participate in nature-themed programs that focus on environmental education won’t usually require a lot of encouragement.

Fun Things for Children in Southcoast Massachusetts
Family friendly hikes, weekend programs and daily summer programs designed with kids in mind can help make learning about our local forests fun. The more children learn about forest creatures, the more they will appreciate the need to preserve trees and other resources, which provide clean air, water and food for these animals. Educational activities that are fun and exciting are designed to make an impression on children and get them interested in learning more.

Getting outdoors and into nature is also a great way to increase a healthy attitude toward exercise and exploration. With so many children wanting to spend their summer vacation in front of a television or video game, nature programs at the Lloyd Center in Dartmouth can be a great way to get your child up and moving. Summer programs for kids that encourage them to explore the world around them by doing, touching and seeing for themselves are much more beneficial than any well-crafted film or nature show.

Hands-on activities that involve local forest creatures and hiking experiences in a fun and exciting setting can increase your child’s interest in doing these activities more often as they get older. The more children are actively involved in exploring their local natural environment, the more likely they will be to want to preserve it and care for it as adults.

Summer Programs for Kids at Lloyd Center in Dartmouth, MA
The Lloyd Center in Dartmouth offers a wide variety of summer programs for kids designed to get them actively interested in nature. Educational activities for kids include a special “Forest Frenzy” program for Young Naturalists ages five through seven – children who will be entering Kindergarten, first and second grade classes in the fall.

The Forest Frenzy program will teach children about the habitats of snakes, turtles, birds and mammals of the Southcoast region through educational play. Animal scavenger hunts are a great way to help your child become a nature detective. They will learn how to search for the clues that these local animals leave behind while learning more about how they live, play and survive in the forest.

Available every Wednesday from July 3rd through August 14th during the 2013 summer season, the Forest Frenzy program is just one of four distinct nature programs at the Lloyd Center in Dartmouth for kids ages 5-7 to explore and enjoy. Find out more about this and other ways to get your child closer to nature by contacting the Lloyd Center in Dartmouth, MA.