Generous Granite Donation Received

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The Lloyd Center for the Environment has received a generous donation of beautiful granite blocks that will be installed as the stairway to the Center’s exciting new Welcome Center.

In addition to the stairway, a number of the granite blocks have already been used to build a beautiful retaining wall near the Welcome Center. Additional reclaimed granite blocks will be utilized in other fashions around the Lloyd Center property.

The Welcome Center is one of fourteen buildings in the world which will be certified at 105% energy rejuvenating by the Living Building InstituteTM. The beautiful granite stairway will be walked on not only by the many students who attend programs at the Lloyd Center, but also by visitors from forty states and nine different countries. Architects, contractors, engineers and other individuals in the building trade will also see and walk on the beautiful steps as they visit the Center to learn about the latest innovations in green construction.

The granite fits the spirit of renovation and construction currently underway at the Lloyd Center. Like many other reclaimed products, the granite is taking on a new life.

Thank you for your generous donation Terry Laberge!