Island Foundation Supports Lloyd Center’s Climate Science Learning Project With Third $15,000 Grant

The Lloyd Center has received a third $15,000 grant from the Island Foundation in support of the Center’s Climate Science Learning Project (CSLP). Aligned with the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks in science and engineering, the CSLP focuses on the projected effects of climate change on local biodiversity, introducing age-appropriate math, writing, critical thinking and life skills into core climate science lessons.island-foundation-2015

“Financial support from the Island Foundation will make a significant difference in the lives of the children we aim to reach through the development and implementation of climate science curricula in the Greater New Bedford public schools.” Lloyd Center Executive Director Rachel Stronach stated enthusiastically, “We are proud to have the support and to be able to ‘partner’ with the Island Foundation in this unique and important way.”

Students will be immersed in experiential learning about the effects of climate change on biodiversity, in their science classrooms and in field projects. Fifth graders will participate as citizen scientists alongside Lloyd Center research scientists in collecting and recording data as part of the Lloyd Center’s Biodiversity Initiative.  A key objective of this work is to involve students in activities that inspire a passion for science, while facilitating discovery of the significant relationship between human communities and natural systems.

Thanks to the support of the Island Foundation, the CSLP is standardizing the curriculum as the project moves into its fifth year, through a comprehensive, hands-on biodiversity research project, appropriate to the age and education levels of each student.