KokoKehom to take the stage at the Lloyd Center’s Annual Meeting – Thursday, May 8th

The Lloyd Center’s resident Eastern Screech Owl, KokoKehom will take the stage at the Center’s upcoming Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 8 at the Dartmouth Grange, located in Russells Mills Village at 1133 Fisher Road, Dartmouth. annual-appeal-kokoMembers of the public are invited to a welcoming reception from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and stay for the Annual Meeting and presentation of the George G. Haydock Award, followed by a presentation of KokoKehom at 7:00 p.m.

The George G. Haydock Award is presented annually to an individual, selected by the Staff and Board of Directors of the Lloyd Center who, in the spirit and tradition exemplified by long-time Lloyd Center supporter and nature enthusiast, Dr. George G. Haydock, is deemed to have personally made a most outstanding contribution to protecting the fragile nature of our coastal environment. The 2014 George G. Haydock Award will be presented to Neil and Sue Van Sloun.

The Lloyd Center for the Environment is pleased to announce the following new board nominees: Meg Christ, Kathleen G. Clear, Stephen Demarest Rath, and Stephen B. Witzig, Ph.D.   New board members will be welcomed at the Annual Meeting.

The Lloyd Center will bid farewell to long time board members Eric A. Braitmayer, Michael J. Eatough, Jeffrey P. Gonsalves, Thomas E. Lynch, Jr., Robert A. MacGregor, and Randall T. Weeks, Jr., Esq. as they leave the board. Their presence will be greatly missed.