Lloyd Center Today

The time has come to address our most urgent capital and financial needs in order to continue to offer and expand the best and most relevant environmental education and research possible in classrooms and open spaces.

Bus Drop-Off, Parking & Roadway

The existing access and parking at the Lloyd Center are frankly quite inadequate. The planned roadway and parking upgrades will enable the Lloyd Center’s remarkable volume of students and visitors to access the land and facilities safely and easily.

All of the upgrades will be examples of low-impact development. The natural features of the site will filter the run-off area as well as keeping drives surfaced in gravel and building low-impact gravel swales on both sides of the roadway and parking areas. Peripheries will be planted out with wetland plants. Thus, we will be using the environment to capture run-off and filter it in such a way that nature can do nature’s work.

These improvements will also allow for the development of an experiential education program which tells the story of the wetlands that are so prominent on the property and in the region. Students will learn about the nature and value of these wetlands through educational tools around the site. The educational component of the property access will create engagement in the construction of environmental science theories rather than simply presentations of the theories themselves.