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The time has come to address our most urgent capital and financial needs in order to continue to offer and expand the best and most relevant environmental education and research possible in classrooms and open spaces.

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The Lloyd Center’s work in environmental education based on professional research is unique and critical to the whole Southcoast region. It enriches the lives of children and adults throughout Massachusetts and beyond, and it is a force to promote our world’s ability and commitment to addressing ecological issues. The Lloyd Center’s future strength and success belongs to us all.

The Transforming A Legacy Campaign can be supported in a number of ways. One time, multi-year and/or legacy financial support as well as assistance in advocacy and outreach are essential to the success of the Campaign.

For further information about supporting Transforming A Legacy, please contact Rachel L. Stronach, Executive Director (508-990-0505, Ext. 11 or rstronach@development.org) or the Development Office (508-990-0505, Ext. 12 or development@lloydcenter.org).