Lloyd Center Today

The time has come to address our most urgent capital and financial needs in order to continue to offer and expand the best and most relevant environmental education and research possible in classrooms and open spaces.

Program Support

Today as many as 15,000 students from 51 different school and 33 communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island annually attend Lloyd Center environmental education programs. (Students are involved for over 24,000 contact hours annually. Over 110,000 students have been taught since 2006.) Many of the school systems with whom we work have written our programs into the curriculum district-wide.

150 professionals participate in the Center’s professional development offerings and, for the last three years, Lloyd Center educators have been featured at the National Science Teachers Association Conference.

25,000 visitors of all ages from 40 states and more than a dozen different countries enjoy the land, river and local marine and land species exhibits annually free of charge.

Almost 50% of the students we serve are high-need and underserved youth who have no other access to nature, environmental and conservation studies. In 2009, the Center’s Board of Directors committed to providing programming to underserved schools and districts even when economic constraints made them unable to pay. This commitment has required that the Lloyd Center raise the necessary program funds through private and foundation sources which has burdened the annual operating budget. $1.5 Million of the Transforming A Legacy Campaign will fund future programs and the needed endowment increases to support them.