Lloyd Center Today

The time has come to address our most urgent capital and financial needs in order to continue to offer and expand the best and most relevant environmental education and research possible in classrooms and open spaces.

Waterfront Teaching Pavilion

A new, 600-square-foot waterfront pavilion on the Slocum River has been completed, providing an open-air learning structure and a shelter in inclement weather that is built in to the natural environment along the waterfront. It supports the unique educational impact of the Lloyd Center where students are brought into the environment to do hands-on learning. At the waterfront, when students become captivated by something, they are challenged to inquire deeper into the experience they are having. In turn, another level of discussion and new understandings occur.

The Teaching Pavilion provides access for visitors with disabilities through up-grades of the existing trails so all visitors can be involved in the teaching opportunities at the waterfront.