Lloyd Center Adventure Packs

adventure-packLooking for a way to spark your child’s interest in science while enjoying a day on the trails? Rent one of our adventure packs! Each pack is filled with resources to help you observe, identify, and explore the natural world throughout the year. A one-day rental costs $5 for non-members and is free for members! 

Renting our packs is easy. Ring the doorbell outside of the front door to request the attention of a Lloyd Center staff member. We ask that you leave your license with us when you rent a pack. This ensures that all of our packs are returned. We also ask that you sign a liability form and thank you for understanding. 

Available Now:
January, February, March – Winter Adventure Pack: Animal Signs 

Calling all nature detectives! The easiest way to ascertain the presence of well-hidden local creatures during winter is by finding the signs that they leave behind. Our “Animal Signs Adventure Pack” includes all of the resources you need: use our Lloyd Center Track Guide and magnifying glasses to find and identify animal tracks on the ground. Test your knowledge of tracks with our Whose Tracks are These? Flipbook and stop to create your own animal-track masterpieces with a Track Rubbing Plate Craft Kit. Finally, complete our Animal Signs Scavenger Hunt by looking for other wildlife signs—chewed leaves, scat, animal homes, etc.—in the forest. 

We’d love to know how your day went! If you are interested in letting us know, please write about it in the Animal Signs Journal provided. Thank you and enjoy!