Lloyd Center for the Environment Feeder Visitor – Yellow-headed Blackbird!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Greetings birders!yellow-headed-blackbird

As of yesterday and still present today, was a female Yellow-headed Blackbird, which has meshed in with the rest of the blackbird mixed flock (redwings, BH cowbirds, grackles) at the ground under our bird feeders.

A life bird for me, Sibley’s says it’s a rarity. So if not a reason to head down to our facility to check it out, maybe those pesky blackbird flocks that take over the feeders just after winter are worth a closer look! Looks bigger than a cowbird, bit more plump, and kind of hops around.

In general a wave looks to be coming through in this gloomy weather stretch, couple of house finches and towhees (and a turkey!) also appeared at feeders today.

Good Birding!