Lloyd Center for the Environment: Protecting Nature Through Public Education

by Elisha Neubauer


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The Lloyd Center for the Environment has one goal: to protect nature through research, education, and outreach.

It seems a simple goal, but the true scale of what this goal encompasses far surpasses the few straightforward words that you see above. In reality, the Lloyd Center for the Environment is the only organization in the area with a focus on educating the public regarding the coastal and watershed issues while simultaneously conducting research on the ecosystems and endangered species in the coastal area.

Currently, the Lloyd Center for the Environment is in the midst of a $3 million campaign entitled Transforming a Legacy. According to Rachel Stronach, Executive Director of the Lloyd Center for the Environment, the money has already been allocated upon receipt. “The first $1.5 million will ensure program support to under-served schools and boost the endowment to support them,” she details.


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She continues, explaining that the second $1.5 million is slated to go toward an extensive expansion and renovation project. This immense project will include a new teaching pavilion (which she states has already been completed), an energy-efficient welcome center, and an expansion and renovation of the current visitor center. So far, the campaign has been impressively successful. “Thanks to the support of our community we are now over two million in gifts and pledges. We are thrilled to have an outpouring of community support on our pursuit of Living Building Challenge™ (living-future.org) certification for the new Welcome Center,” Stronach announces. Stronach has a long standing history with the center, herself.

“I actually interned at the Lloyd Center when I was an undergraduate student and it was through that internship that I realized the importance of connecting research with education and outreach,” she says proudly. Stronach, and the rest of the Lloyd Center team, believe there is a strong importance in translating their research into information that the students and community members can absorb.

“That is where education and community outreach come into play,” Stronach affirms. “At the Lloyd Center there is a very strong link between our research department and the programs we provide through the education and outreach departments.”

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According to Stronach, education is the key to understanding issues within the community, and paves the way for residents to make wise choices regarding their surroundings. Local organizations, like the Lloyd Center, are helpful resources for the community to go for answers and information.
These organizations are an easy entry-level way for interested or concerned citizens to get their feet wet, and get involved in the issues affecting their community and environment. “We are always looking for volunteers to help support the mission of the Lloyd Center,” states Stronach.

by Elisha Naubauer
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