Lloyd Center Gears up for Biodiversity Surveys

2013-dhs-biodiversity-2Commencing with our Spring Vacation High School Biodiversity Blitz, the Lloyd Center enters the 4th year of its SouthCoast Biodiversity Initiative. Designed as an all species survey of the natural resources within the Westport River and Slocum River watersheds, information gathered during this five-year project and other recent inventories, such those conducted through the Turn the Tide project, will serve as a baseline to compare future changes within this region. 

Through the end of 2013, Lloyd Center researchers, student groups and citizen scientists have logged 1,629 species in the following groups: mammals – 23, birds – 130, reptiles & amphibians – 23, finfish – 33, marine invertebrates – 188, moths – 712, butterflies – 76, dragonflies & damselflies – 44, other Insects – 71, other terrestrial Insects – 10, plants – 319. 

The list of moths, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians are likely nearly complete, however, some groups, such as spiders, fresh water fish, and many of the insect Orders have barely been scratched. 

This season, the Center will continue its inventories with assistance from New Bedford students in the Youth Conservation Corps, school groups, interns and volunteers who have or would like to gain expertise in some groups of plants or animals. 

Those interested should contact Mark Mello for details (508-990-0505 x22, or markmello@lloydcenter.org) and keep an eye on our calendar of events for specific activities commencing in June. This baseline data will prove invaluable for future research on, and management of, the region’s natural resources.