Lloyd Center’s Impact on Interns! … and Internship Opportunities

Connor Dumas attending a Lloyd Center summer program.

“I hope my story is one that you’ll be able to preach for the importance of the Lloyd Center’s mission!”

The rewards are great in hearing how the Lloyd Center has made such a wonderful impact on a past student and intern!

Hi all at the Lloyd Center for the Environment, 

With so much time well spent at the Lloyd Center, and with all its amazing staff, I would love to give an update on where I am now and where I came from. 

I began my Lloyd Center journey at 9 years old with education programs like “Marine Biology” and “Coastal Ecology”. I remember taking so many of these programs that the next year I would just take them all over again and be just as overjoyed as the first time. The instructors and staff took such good care of us and taught us important lessons about biodiversity and conservation. These values are then applied to projects and what most of us kids wanted to do: catch creatures. By mixing such fun activities with real world issues and topics, we experienced a higher level of understanding and appreciation for the world around us while having fun. Staff would consistently stride to make learning enjoyable and impactful. After I became too “old” for the summer education/outreach, even after extensions on the age range, I decided to participate further and become an intern. This opportunity allowed me to both gain experience in science outreach programs as well as achieve a higher understanding of the concepts introduced to me in elementary years. Working closely with staff members also allowed me to realize that my passion and interest in nature was something possible and being pursued by others just like me.  

Connor during one of the Center’s summer programs.

I am now a Junior in college at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in my spring semester. In the spring of next year, I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Geology and minoring in Biology. If anyone has known me well, they will tell you that I have been completely obsessed with the idea of prehistoric life and is why I plan to pursue a career in Paleobiology. My passion for Earth’s history is a direct result of the love and care that those who work at the Lloyd Center strive for in their research and outreach. I will always preach for the importance of research, education, and outreach, and hope that my story inspires others to do the same. The Earth needs those that will learn from it and not repeat the mistakes made by those in the past. The fundamentals taught by the Lloyd Center are so important to the longevity of our planet and to human understanding of the effect we have on it.  

I think and look upon my experiences at the Lloyd Center frequently, for which I have nothing but positive things to say. The friends and family I have worked with and learned from are people who I will never forget and the memories I have gained from field trips, organism sampling, and sleepovers are never ending. The importance of its mission, and the beauty of its location in South Dartmouth is something I will continually preach and remember. To say that the Lloyd Center has influenced my way of life and career is an understatement, and I owe it to all those who impacted me along my experiences. Thank you.  


Connor Dumas


Environmental Education/Outreach Internship Opportunities 

The Education & Outreach Departments of the Lloyd Center are in need of interns for the summer of 2022. Interns are responsible for assisting the education/outreach staff in teaching hands-on science programs.

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