Local Oak


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All building projects contain thousands of details, but the number of details involved with a project striving to be environmentally responsible grows exponentially.

In September 2016, the Lloyd Center plans to break ground for its new Welcome Center with the intent of becoming one of only a handful of buildings in the world to pursue full certification from The Living Building Challenge™  (LBC™) program, an international certification program of the International Living Future Institute™  (www.living-future.org). Considered to be the most stringent and comprehensive standard of sustainable buildings, LBC projects must meet all of its twenty imperatives in the categories of site, water, energy, health, materials, equity, and beauty. Of these categories, materials is often one of the most challenging, inviting architects, contractors, builders, and the community to think in new and creative ways in regard to resources and energy use.

One way of being responsible in the details is by using salvaged or reclaimed materials. This not only eliminates harvesting or manufacturing new materials, but has the potential to save energy with reduced transportation.

With this in mind, the Lloyd Center is happy to have the opportunity to include local, reclaimed oak in its new Welcome Center. A large oak from the Lloyd Center’s entrance was recently removed for safety reasons. It has gone to be milled and dried, and will be used for doors and trim in the new Center. Another source of oak came from a local individual who needed to remove trees that had grown too close to a structure. This wood was donated through Tiverton-based design firm, Sixteen on Center, and will be utilized in the building’s interior. All of the wood will be milled at Delano Sawmill in Dartmouth, and dried locally.

The Lloyd Center is proud to accept the challenge of full LBC Certification and invites you to become a participant. For more information about the new Welcome Center, Living Building Challenge or “Transforming a Legacy Campaign”, please contact the Development Office at 508-990-0505 ext. 12, or development@lloydcenter.org.