Mission Statement

The mission of the Lloyd Center is to instill a life-long respect and affection for nature in all people through research and education; to advance a scientific and public understanding of our coastal ecosystems and the need to protect them; and to promote a legacy of natural diversity largely in, but not restricted to, the coastal environments of southeastern New England.

Program Service - Focus

We seek to instill in students of all ages an understanding and appreciation of our coastal and watershed environments, their unique and fragile nature and our special relationship and responsibility to them. Since its establishment, the Center has grown through the effort and commitment of thousands of supporters to be one of the most significant member and community supported educational and research organizations in the region.

The Lloyd Center’s primary focus is on students and teachers in grades K-8. This focus is based upon the established and critical need of these groups for sound scientific background information. As an educational force the Center provides a broad range of programs for disadvantaged and minority students in cities like New Bedford and Fall River, as well as teacher training throughout Southeastern New England.

As a research facility, the Center also provides a unique bridge between the scientific community, studying the coastal zone and estuarine systems, and the public (e.g. citizens, school children, resource managers, town and state officials), who need and use information to make sound environmental management choices. As a destination for students and their families, the Center provides 5 miles of hiking trails and a broad range of animal exhibits, programs and seminars focused on the Center’s core themes of biodiversity and long-term conservation.

The Lloyd Center also acts as a catalyst for positive environmental change by developing cooperative programs with other local nonprofit educational organizations, schools, government and environmental agencies, universities, research institutions and scientists. The Lloyd Center is an interdisciplinary institution that investigates and teaches how the science of coastal zones and estuaries relates to a quality environment. Included in our purview are studies, courses and exhibits for both children and adults dealing with watersheds, rare species and threatened habitats.

The Lloyd Center is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, supported entirely through program service fees, grants, and the voluntary contributions of caring and concerned citizens, corporations and foundations.