MITS 2015 Summer Professional Development Institute

South Shore Region: Hybrid Institute for Middle and High School Educators

Wind, Water and Robotics: Bringing Together Physical Science, Life Science and Engineering Design

mits-3Dive into learning about the engineering design and practices as we explore the science and technology used explore the ocean environment and alternative energy resources. Discover connections between the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering design through a variety of tools, methods, and technology.

Construct your own working model Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Sea Perch underwater robot to take back to your classroom.  Then explore how you can hack your  Sea Perch to perform a wide range of missions that include collecting biological data, observing  underwater habitats,  taking water samples at various depths  and remediating environmental threats such as leaking oil wells.

Explore cutting edge research on oil spills and their impact on wildlife and then participate in an inquiry-based investigation to clean up a mock oil spill.  Develop, design, and build the most productive wind turbine blades.  Can you produce more energy than the other teams of your colleagues?

Learn how you can use this data, along with data collection software, to excite your students about their local environment.  Through online lessons, hands-on activities that demonstrate learning progressions and group discussions, you will explore ways to excite and educate your students about wind, water, and robotics!

Course Dates: June 22-August 7 on-line; July 13-17 on-site (8:30 am-3:00 pm); On-site Introductory Session Saturday, June 13th (9:00 am-1:00 pm)
*(Fall Callback date will be set during the institute)

Registration Fee: $425/participant; $400/participant for 2 or more teachers from the same school district (registration fee includes a SeaPerch Kit)

PDPs and Graduate Credit Offered: Cambridge College, Framingham State University (4 credits, 90 PDPs); 50 PDPs without graduate credit

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Lloyd Center for the Environment
South Shore Natural Science Center
Blue Hill Observatory & Science Center
National Marine Life Center