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Protecting nature through research, education, and outreach

Officers & Board of Directors

Officers & Board of Directors


Karen G. Lloyd (1924-2009)


Kinnaird Howland, Chair
Suzanne W. Prescott, Co-Vice Chair
Jonathan S. Carvalho, Co-Vice Chair
Kathleen G. Clear, Clerk
Otto W. Schleinkofer III, C.P.A., Treasurer

Board of Directors

Aiden E. FitzGerald
Timothy G. Haydock, M.D.
Sara H. Johnston
Kathryn Kavanagh, Ph.D.
Ellie Lash
Jonathan Lash
Leslie E. J. McKinley
Peter M. Nicholson, Esq.
Stephen Demarest Rath
Daphne F. Siegal
Michael J. Sweetser
Nina W. Weeks
Stephen B. Witzig, Ph.D.

Rachel L. Stronach, Executive Director

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