Protecting nature through research, education, and outreach

The mission of the Lloyd Center is to instill a life-long respect and affection for nature in people of all ages through research and education

Main building is currently closed.

While the Center's main building is closed to the public due to renovations, the Lloyd Center offices are open. Enjoy our walking trails, open free to the public from dawn to dusk.

Welcome to the Lloyd Center

Please consider giving to the Lloyd Center's 2023 Annual Appeal!

The Lloyd Center for the Environment is a local treasure with an exceptional estuary on the Slocum River, breathtaking views, and over five miles of unique hiking trails. Your Annual Appeal donation allows us to offer access to our grounds and future exhibits at no charge to the public.

While the Lloyd Center animal exhibits are currently closed, your generous gift helps feed our fresh & saltwater fish and turtles as well as Koko, our resident screech owl. Students benefit from meeting these animal ambassadors.

Your contribution also allows Lloyd Center educators to offer outdoor seasonal activity stations and our StoryWalk® on the Center’s trails.

Due to the generous support of our donors, together we have made these experiences possible:

“I really enjoyed the field trip! My favorite place was the Estuary because we got to catch animals and other things. It was the best day ever.”- Fifth grader on a field trip to the Center

“On the rides home every day, she would tell me what she did that day and what she learned. She had a great time and loved learning new things." - Summer program parent

"It was such a treat for me to watch the students showing interest and hearing their comments and questions as they were attentive and interacting with what you shared...such a pleasure today!" - Second-grade Teacher

Your donation directly supports education and research opportunities that otherwise could not be afforded by local schools, families, and community organizations.

We appreciate your generosity! Please click to make a donation.

Thanks to those who have already made an Annual Appeal donation!

About The Lloyd Center

The Lloyd Center serves individuals, agencies, and organizations in southeastern New England – Rhode Island to Boston to Cape Cod. It is the only area organization focused on educating the public about coastal and watershed issues, and conducting research on coastal ecosystems and endangered species.

The Center cooperates on a broader level in coastal, environmental, and educational programming throughout New England, nationally and internationally.

Our school-based activities further expand our reach to urban audiences. A scholarship program also provides space for ten urban New Bedford students in our Summer Program.

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Take your dog for a wonderful walk around the Lloyd Center! We are funded in part by state agencies Massachusetts Cultural Council and Massachusetts Environmental Trust.

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