Piping Plover Volunteer “Protectors” Needed

Spend warm, sunny days on the beach of your choice, helping protect the endangered piping plover, a shorebird that nests each year on the State beaches of Horseneck, Gooseberry, Demarest Lloyd, and West Island. These beaches experience high levels of human visitation and recreation, such that disturbance to adult birds on eggs and harm to young hatchlings can occur.

A strong volunteer presence from May to August (especially from June onward, including the Memorial Day and 4th of July holidays) minimizes potential conflicts caused by human use of the beach. Tasks may include maintaining fenced refuges, educating the public, helping enforce boundaries, and completing field-forms that document events and numbers of birds present during one’s “shift”.

If interested, please email Jamie Bogart, Research Associate, at jbogart@lloydcenter.org, or call 508-990-0505 ext.23