Rodgers Family Foundation Supports Lloyd Center with $10,000 Grant for Climate Science Learning Project

The Lloyd Center has received a $10,000 grant from the Rodgers Family Foundation in support of the Center’s Climate Science Learning Project (CSLP) launched last year. This unique undertaking teaches science and mathematics by incorporating these fields into a hands-on outdoor environmental education program, designed specifically for students in Fall River’s public schools.

As part of the CSLP, fifth-grade students from Fall River are currently assisting the Lloyd Center in the documentation of potential impacts of climate change on local wildlife, working side-by-side with Lloyd Center research scientists. The Fall River fifth-graders are also helping to create a web-based climate science education tool with the data they collect as participants in the project. A key objective of this work is to involve Fall River students in activities that inspire a passion for science, while facilitating discovery of the significant relationship between human communities and natural systems. 

With the support of the Rodgers Family Foundation, the second year of the CSLP will be one that inspires Fall River students to gain important science and math skills and discover how these disciplines can help to unravel the mysteries of ecology.   Thanks to the support of the Rodgers Family Foundation, the CSLP will standardize the curriculum as the project moves into its second year, through a comprehensive, hands-on biodiversity research project, appropriate to the age and education levels of each student.