Saquish Foundation Supports Lloyd Center for the Environment With $20,000 Education Grant

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The Saquish Foundation has awarded the Lloyd Center for the Environment with a generous $20,000 grant to support the Center’s third grade Feathery Focus program and second grade Estuary on Whales program, as well as other education programs in high-needs areas. This generous grant will make a significant difference in the lives of the children that the Lloyd Center aims to reach through the development and implementation of quality science education programs in local high-needs, under-served schools.

“We are very proud to have this support and to be able to “partner” with the Saquish Foundation in this unique and important way. These funds will be utilized in the most efficient and effective ways to best serve as many children as possible.” commented Lloyd Center Executive Director, Rachel Stronach, enthusiastically.

The Feathery Focus program uses birds as a vehicle to demonstrate the value of science as a means to understand the amazing world around us. This program consists of several in-class lessons during which Lloyd Center educators return to third-grade classrooms once a month to talk about birds. Lessons focus on describing the parts of a bird, knowing what a bird eats based on the shape and size of its beak, recognizing individual species of birds by their field marks and the calls they make, how and why birds migrate, and the methods scientists use to track migratory bird populations, such as the osprey.

Estuary on Wheels is a unique, hands-on program that brings the estuary into a classroom! Students discover first-hand the adaptations of marine organisms by handling and observing live specimens and artifacts such as shells, egg cases, and fish bones. Focusing on habitat and adaptation, Estuary on Wheels is a great way to introduce marine science to young students.