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Please consider giving to the Lloyd Center’s 2023 Annual Appeal! 

Due to the generous support of our donors, together we have taught approximately 10,000 students over the past year and made these experiences possible:

“I really enjoyed the field trip! My favorite place was the Estuary because we got to catch animals and other things. It was the best day ever.”- Fifth grader on a field trip to the Center

“On the rides home every day, she would tell me what she did that day and what she learned. She had a great time and loved learning new things.” – Summer program parent

“It was such a treat for me to watch the students showing interest and hearing their comments and questions as they were attentive and interacting with what you shared…such a pleasure today!” – 2nd grade teacher

Your donation directly supports education and research opportunities that otherwise could not be afforded by local schools, families, and community organizations.

We appreciate your generosity!  Thank you to those who have already donated!

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