Why Support the Lloyd Center’s Annual Appeal?

annual-appeal-2015Annually, the Lloyd Center provides:

  • Up to 24,000 contact hours through in-school and field study programs for up to 15,000 students from 50 different school systems.
  • Professional development for up to 100 teachers through a variety of workshops and programs.
  • Free access to our 82-acre property for approximately 25,000 visitors from almost 40 states and more than a dozen different countries.
  • Very low cost environmental programs (ranging from estuary explorations to canoe trips to tot walks) for participants of all ages throughout the year.
  • Professional research and environmental monitoring which over the years has documented 1,254 species in the Westport and Slocum River watersheds and achieved more than 30 surveys of state-listed endangered species.

These accomplishments have occurred within an annual OPERATING BUDGET of less than $700,000!  Five full and part-time educators have been paid.   Two researchers have worked full time.  Eight college and post-graduate students have received hands-on environmental teaching and/or research experience as interns.  Administrative, facilities and equipment expenses have been covered.  

annual-appeal-2015-2The fact that so much high-quality and essential environmental work can be achieved for such a minimal amount is remarkable.

These important achievements can only continue through your participation in the Annual Appeal. We are grateful for your attendance at our events, your membership and your support of the Transforming A Legacy capital campaign. But we need you with us to cover programs throughout the year.

Please join in empowering us to provide the excellent science education based on professional research that is increasing sought after throughout New England.   It is easy to make an initial gift or rise to the next contribution level by simply sending a check or pledge or by clicking here.  A monthly commitment accomplished through a simple credit card payment plan can provide important, dependable income.

Whatever you can do to support our annual Operations will be meaningful and appreciated.   Please join our team!